The Era of the Erie Canal – 3 Programs Made for Cable TV in 2006


Episode 1 – Erie Canal Bankwatch

Tom Ashbery was an 84-year-old gentleman who walked over ten miles each day watching and listening of leaks in the western section of the Erie Canal near Albion, NY.  This program explains why he did that, along with other details of the Canal’s story that are often overlooked.


Episode 2 – Lock Tide

Today we drive up and down hills without even thinking about them.  Two hundred years ago though, even the smallest hill presented an insurmountable obstacle to animals pulling heavy cargoes on muddy roads.  Keep that in mind as we discuss the challenges the early canal builders faced digging this “super-highway” across the wilderness.


Episode 3 – The Day Peckinpaugh Motorship

In 2005 a large gray motorized barge made its way from Lake Erie to the Hudson.  The plan was to eventually create a floating Erie Canal museum in the ship’s hold.  This is the story of that trip.

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